What Workout Supplements Should Runners Take?

Many workout supplements are targeted toward athletes who want to get stronger and bulk up. So, as a runner whose goal is to stay lean and quick, you may wonder what supplements you should take. Those that contain a ton of protein and creatine are probably not best-suited to your needs. However, you may benefit from taking a supplement that contains the following ingredients. Iron Your body needs iron to form healthy red blood cells that are effective at carrying oxygen to your body's cells. Read More 

Creative Ways To Use Raw Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is known for its many health benefits. This light, specialty honey is more diabetic-friendly than most sweeteners. It can also help reduce allergy symptoms and boost immune function. However, many of these benefits are associated with the fact that honey is raw. It, therefore, contains local pollen that has not been denatured by heat. If you want to get the maximum benefits of honey, you cannot heat or cook with it. Read More